Sunday, January 29, 2012

the fact of life

Start time: 0242H 

Sambil-sambil surf internet and meng'update' resume and CV, ... terbuat keje lain lak... but somehow, semua orang pernah rasa bnda ni.. x caya? Let's review....~
Have you Tried Saying you are Ok
but you are not?                                  -   most of da time~ errr.. or all da time?

Pretending to Understand
but you don't?                                      -   naaa... i am an understanding person (ahaks!) nape? x caye? haha. but if i cannot understand u, i wl let u know.. for sure!

Acting like you are Busy
but in Reality you are Lonely?        -   lonely? hm... sumtime~~

Convincing people that you just want to be Friends
but what you Really want is more than friend?     -   haha! it was long long long time ago~ there is always a thin line between love and friendship. rite?!