Saturday, April 2, 2011

mArcH = bulan 3

baru je melepasi bulan MARCH~
23/3/2011~ my 1st yr annivrsary kje kt sni...
yeay! gud2.. b'tahan gak sethn..

MARCH 2011 = bulan yg kelam kabut~

hm... byk bnda nk kne sttle~

HACCP cert ~ approved ~ Alhamdulillah... (at last~!)
HALAL cert ~ going on... (OT every day siapkan bnda alah ni)
thesis ~ going on... (blk umh terus bkk lappy)
preparation ~ going on (nsb baik parent mmbntu dgn sgt byk)
class on weekend ~ going on as usual~ test n asgmnt.. etc...
bla.. bla.. bla...
customer complaints? ~ haiya... rasenye bln ni plng byk dpt kotttttt~

i luv purple... but i hate to see this~

wht hppen to my life? --> GONE
free time? ---> PENDING
enough rest? ---> in my DREAM

i guess ths is wht grown up do~

"kalau dlu isi mnyak keta RM80 smnggu, tp skg isi mnyk keta RM60 tuk 3 mngu~!"

whatever happen, chill =)

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