Wednesday, August 24, 2011

this is my job =)

i used to envy a wine tester (ok. of course this is NOT my job~!) A wine tester can differentiate the sweetness o bitterness of the wine. and some of them can even determine which year the wine was made. how great!

Wine testing is the sensory examination and evaluation of wine. The results of the four recognized stages to wine tasting:
  • appearance
  • "in glass" the aroma of the wine
  • "in mouth" sensations
  • "finish" (aftertaste)

Same goes as my job~ i have to taste each sample product n even the raw materials. especially when there was any sample problem. all of us including the assistant manager have to taste and give their opinion about what we taste. either it is weaker, sour, salty, etc~ not to mention my assistant manager is so great until she can even state what is wrong with the sample.. n even a different raw material added.

chocolate cake blind test

this was the blind test. actually we had a customer complaint.. said that our product had different taste. so, we carried out a blind test. each and everyone of us need to taste the CHOCOLATE cake and tell the different. either it is weaker, or more bitter, o more 'chocolate', o any word which can describe the taste~

the blind test
pic above: both left n right ladies are the examiners (they know the answer).. and the middle is my labmate (in this case, the tester) ~ plz ignore all those purple sample and bottle on the table. those for colour checking~

actually one of the cake was control (only colouring). one had more bitter taste. and another 1 had sweet taste.

when it comes to the CEO (since the complaint came from one of our big client so he also need to taste) and the answer was = there are no much different. and all taste are almost the same.

grr~after almost of half and hour critically gve opinion for tasting~

*i will miss my job. and all my bosses!*

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