Sunday, February 17, 2013

On her wedding day!

We knew each other since 2006.. hm.. 5th day in UPM.. if i am not mistaken. when they rearranged our room. U knocked my door and asked if there was anyone else in the room. We were roommate since thn.. for 4 years..

Degree.. worked as research assistant.. master.. then i moved out when i got permanant job in kl..

We laugh. We cried. We share stories. We knew each other 'stories' n even family... we were like stranger when we were in 2nd year as we both super busy with our college thingy.. u were with your college event.. and i was with my theatre group.

I still remember when u could not sleep at night coz u had a bad dream, u asked if u could sleep together. I gave u space n we slept till morning.

Now we both married. I am happy for u.

Forget all those Mr Wrong Guys in our life.. they are just a part of the story..

D & D..

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